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-----This game was made during the LUDUM DARE #33. We only had 72 hours to make the game, and we only used around 48h because of other commitments. It is not even close to finished! ------

Mr. Jekyll is having a terrible day.
He hates his job.
His paycheck is a joke.
And his 'lovely' boss won't give him a break.
Give in to your Anger and go find your Boss.
Just don't get seen nor caught before you find him.

Hide, Mr. Hyde is a puzzle stealth game in which you have to control your inner monster to get to your boss.

Due to having some other commitments, we only managed to work on the game on Sunday and Monday. We believe we made something fun, but we didn't have time enough to make tons of levels or to make an ending, unfortunately. We hope you have fun, even if it's for a really, really short time!